Flexible and Convenient

Deliverable Offsite Storage

Packed items ready for offsite storage

Need a convenient, flexible storage solution? A deliverable offsite storage unit could be your answer. Safe, weatherproof, storage with the added convenience of being nearby.

Simply call to set up a time and place for delivery and we’ll bring a unit to your location. Then you can use the unit to store whatever you need. And once you don’t need a storage unit any longer, empty it out and we’ll come pick it up.

A deliverable offsite storage unit is an ideal solution for businesses looking for extra or seasonal storage space. With over 1300 square feet of available space, an 8’×20′ unit can meet your storage needs.

Delivery, rental, and pickup fees are all determined on a case-by-case basis. Think a deliverable offsite unit might be the answer for you? Get in touch.

Here’s How it Works

Order Your Deliverable Unit

Contact Sark Self-Storage to set up a time and a place for delivery.

We'll Deliver It and Drop It Off

Once we’ve confirmed your order and location, we’ll deliver and drop off your storage unit.

Use Your Storage Unit

It’s yours to use while you need it. Offsite units are ideal for businesses looking for extra storage, seasonal storage, storage while moving, and even downsizing and de-cluttering.

We'll Pick It Up

Once you’re finished, and the unit is empty, we’ll come pick it up and take it away.

Convenient, Secure, and Weatherproof

With an offsite unit, you can conveniently store your items in a secure and weatherproof space.