More effecient self storage

Self-Storage tips

We want to make sure that your property is stored safely and securely. To help, we’ve put together these quick self-storage tips to help you best utilize your space and protect your belongings:

  • Organization is key when packing and storing your items.

  • Always pack similar items together and label each box.

  • If you are using plastic totes and don’t want to permanently mark them, use masking tape for labels.

  • If you are expecting to completely fill the unit it can be helpful to label more than just one side of the box/tote. 

  • When packing your unit, it is important to make sure you can see at least one labeled side on each item.

  • Also make sure to always clearly mark fragile items.

Self storage tips
  • If you plan to have your items in storage long term it can be helpful to write or type out a complete inventory of what you put into your unit.

  • This inventory list can come in handy when you need to find something specific in the future.

  • To help maximize space, use shelving to not only keep items off of the ground but off of other boxes or items.

  • Remember when stacking items to start with the heaviest items on the bottom and stack upwards. This keeps stacks from falling or crushing lighter boxes below.

  • Putting in extra time for organization during the packing process will make your storage experience less stressful.

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